Thursday, 12 February 2009


So I have finally succumbed to the ego-splurge that is blogging in my own tiny corner of teh interwebs.

We'll kick things off in retro-Welsh stylee with a children's comic which, if you remember Syr Wynff a Plwmsan, school trips to Glanllyn or Hei Mistar Urdd, you will no doubt recognise.

Sboncyn (grasshopper) was a Welsh-language comic published in the 1980s. I was always allowed a copy of Sboncyn simply because it was presented in my mother tongue, and I happily accepted it as a bonus over and above my regular comics allowance. Looking back at it now it is rich in the language and culture of my youth, but at the time it was just another comic with fun characters like Syr Preis (Sir Prise, a medieval knight) and Meri Mor Leidr (Meri The Pirate).

You can read what some Sais has to say about Sboncyn over on Lew Stringer's blog.

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  1. I have added the series to the Grand Comics Database at:

    Was wondering if there were more issues than the 54 I was able to find on the internet!

    You can contact me at ramonschenk AT hotmail DOT com.